5 Point Reflexology Insoles - Mens

Give yourself a boost with these original, reflex-zone insoles


Adjustable Petite Walking Stick

Specially designed for a smaller hand.


Adjust - A - Lift Heel Cushion

Ideal if you have a leg-length discrepancy


All Gel Toe / Finger Caps

A protective, cushioning gel cap for fingers & toes


Aloe Vera Cream

A soothing and restoring cream for irritated skin


Aloe Vera Gel

Enjoy cooling relief for skin exposed to the elements


Anatomic Handgrips for Volaris S7 Rollator

For people with larger hands or who want extra comfort


Arch Supports - Mens

Support weak or fallen arches. Designed to fit Cosyfeet shoes.


Arch Supports - Womens

Support weak or fallen arches. Designed to fit Cosyfeet shoes.


Back Rest for Volaris S7 Rollator

Sit back and relax when you stop for a break


Bag for Volaris S7 Rollator

Carry shopping and other items you want close to hand


Basket for Volaris S7 Deluxe Rollator

Transport small items around the home or out & about


Bed Cradle - Double

Prevent pressure on sensitive legs and feet in bed. For double bed.


Bedtime Heel Protectors

Cushion sore or pressure-sensitive feet in bed


BioClear™ Skin Tag Remover

Remove skin tags quickly, naturally & painlessly


BioFeedbac™ Back Support Belt

Designed to maintain & align the back’s natural posture


BioFeedbac™ Belt Extender

Extends to fit up to 170.18cm (67”)


BioFeedbac™ Knee Support

Combat muscle and joint pain with BioFeedbac™ technology


Botanical Foot Soak

A soothing, cleansing and moisturising foot soak



Get instant relief for blocked and stuffy noses

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