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Westland Growmore Garden Fertiliser 6kg is an easy to use granular feed, ideal for encouraging stronger, healthier plant growth and abundant flowering.

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Westland Garden Lime Soil Conditioner

Garden lime is not a plant feed as such but is required by many plants to enable faster nutrient uptake and will reduce soil acidity. Garden lime enables plants to grow greener foliage...

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Westland Natures Feast Coconut Half

An ideal wild bird treat, this all natural product from Nature's Feasts combines the very best ingredients to provide a high protein diet to your feathered garden visitors. A blend...

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Top Soil by Westland is the ideal compost for lawn preparation or levelling lawns. Top soil adds nutrients to the soil and enhances organic structure of beds and borders. ***Prices...

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Westland's 50 pack of Energy Balls offers a High Energy treat all year round that's suitable for most Birds. Westland's Suet Balls for Birds can be left out on Tables or ideally hung...

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Westlands All Seasons Seed Feeder is versatile and easy to use. It's structure is Squirrel-Resistant and can be used to offer any Seed Mixture you like! The Quick Release Base and Lid...

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Westland John Innes No.1 Young Plant Compost 10L

10 Litre bag Benefits: Gives young plants the best start in life Feeds for 4 weeks Encourages healthy growth Develops stronger roots Compost Westland are leading the way in delivering...

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Westland Natures Feast Royal Squirrel Proof Small Seed Feeder

Stylish and durable, The Royal Squirrel Proof Bird Small Seed Feeder is cleverly designed to prevent squirrels from accessing the seed.  The feeder features a central plastic tube...

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Westland Natures Feast Royal Volume Seed Feeder

The Royal Volume Seed Feeder is a practical and highly stylish addition to your garden. The unique design features four feeding ports plus a circular tray which will allow several birds...

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Aftercut All-In-One Even-Flo Refill 80m

Aftercut All In One Lawn Treatment 2.8kg is a multi-action lawn treatment that not only feeds and conditions the lawn, it also kills weeds and moss. This refill pack is designed for...

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